Siddharth Gupta

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

My Profile

Siddharth is an entrepreneur at heart, a seasoned technologist, and multifaceted freelancer. His career started at the age of 16, taking an early start he has played different kind of roles which includes working as a Webdeveloper, Bot Maker, Webdesigner, Affiliate Marketer, Coder, Blogger, Photographer, Domainer, Mystery Shopper, Webautomator, Business Analyst, Problem Analyst, Freelancer, App Developer, Forex Trader, Hacker, Network Marketer, Reverse Engineer etc. Siddharth has got the sense of the corporate world by working with corporates like Tech Mahindra, Wipro etc also he has co-founded two startups in the field of IT and Marketing. He has also architected hardware & software products while freelancing for regional & overseas clients and taken them to global markets influencing multi-million dollar revenue. Siddharth is a man full of ideas and loves to experiment & pen down his thoughts & ideas - a few of which are posed as his upcoming startups. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and have anchored startups for IIM Ahmedabad alumni & people from big tech houses. In his current role at eSpeed Solutions as a CEO, Siddharth manages the strategic operations as well as the execution of the go online - go live the world record plan. Siddharth is a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from Jammu University and knows how to put his engineering skills at work to get out of tricky situations. Beyond work, he loves exploring the unexplored, singing, finding & making deals online and also enjoys fixing dead gadgets.